Crowdfunding & Fundraising Tools

I Fund A Hero has created a suite of powerful, cutting-edge tools that leverage the power of the internet and mobile technology to make fundraising and crowdfunding easier and less expensive.

Our tools make your fundraising efforts more efficient, make it easier to reach a wider audience, lower the barriers for people to donate, and allow you process donations faster and at lower costs than using traditional third-party recipients.

The I Fund A Hero suite of tools include:

  • Crowdfunding Campaigns
  • Text-To-Donate
  • Donation Matching
  • Campaign Metrics
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Donation & Data Management

Our transparent pricing makes it easy for non-profits to use the tools that best fit with their mission and operational needs.


Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding is an effective way to harness the support and sympathy of the local community when tragedy strikes an everyday local hero.

We help non-profits run unlimited crowdfunding campaigns. These campaigns are a great way to raise funds for memorial service expenses, to create an in-memoriam fund in the name of a fallen hero, or to fund a scholarship for the children of a fallen hero.

Our services include creating shareable links that can be shared across social media to get the word out to as many people as possible about the campaign.

Unlike some crowdfunding platforms, I Fund A Hero never asks donors to tip us. We help you set up a campaign so that all donations are sent directly to you, there are no third-party recipients.

You receive more of the money you raise, and you get access to it much faster. There are no hidden fees or administrative fees with our Crowdfunding Campaigns.

With our transparent billing, you always know what your costs for any campaign are.



Everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket. More people use their phones to search the web than use desktop computers. If you want to reach as many as people as possible with your fundraising campaigns, you need a strong mobile strategy.

Our Text-To-Donate tool makes it easy for you to set up mobile-friendly campaign pages and to create mobile keyword campaigns to raise awareness.

Most importantly, this tool allows you to create a custom keyword that people can use to donate directly to you from their mobile phones.

You already know that the more convenient you make it for people to donate, the more people will donate, and the more generous the donors will be.

There is nothing easier or more convenient that Text-To-Donate.

Donors are automatically sent tax receipts and thank you messages for their donations.

You can use Text-To-Donate for specific, time-limited campaigns or for ongoing fundraising efforts. It’s the perfect fundraising tool for today’s distracted world.

Donation Matching [H2]

Many corporations have generous charitable giving programs that are chronically underutilized. Often, employees and non-profits aren’t aware of these generous benefits.

We help non-profits increase their donations, sometimes even doubling their donations from a given campaign, through our donor matching tool. We help non-profits search a database of over 20,000 possible charitable matching partners.

This tool makes coordinating matching gift campaigns easier than ever before. You can create a custom campaign page that allows employees to donate, monitor the progress of the campaign, and to invite others to donate to the cause.

The secure backend protects all personal and corporate confidential financial information. It also fully integrates the individual donations and matching corporate donations to make it easy for non-profits to manage charitable giving campaigns. The donation matching tool also automates tax receipts and notifications to the participating matching company partners.

Donation matching is the best way for local and national non-profits to quickly expand their donor base by involving corporate partners eager to work with the right non-profits.


Campaign Metrics

Our campaign metrics tool helps non-profits get access to the real-time data and analytics they need to monitor the progress of a campaign. Our intuitive dashboard shows you at a glance how your campaign is performing and allows you to make any adjustments you need right away.

The detailed reports allow:

  • Monitor real-time progress
  • Compare historical performance against current progress
  • Get detailed information about the number of donors and average donation size
  • Examine campaign demographic information
  • And much more

You will be able to monitor how different channels are performing. Compare social media, mobile, and your web portal side-by-side. Compare specific variables such as total amounts of donations, the average size of a donation, or the timing of the donations.

Our metrics and reports allow you to make better, evidence-based decisions. Your campaign performance will improve because you will know what works and what doesn’t right away.


Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing is a necessity for any non-profit. But, many non-profits are paying too much in processing fees and are waiting too long before their donations are deposited into their accounts.

Our credit card processing tool gives you access to some of the best card process rates anywhere—just 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. When you pay lower credit card processing fees, you have more money to help the people in your community and advance your mission.

Our non-profit partners also have funds deposited into their accounts within 48 hours. This means that you can put the donations to work much faster than with other credit card processing services that can take up to seven days.

We also help you make it easier for people to donate. In addition to providing credit card processing, our tool allows you to create secure, customized “Donate Now” buttons you can use on your website or in emails that you send to your members.

With this tool, you can accept all major credit cards, and you can ask for donations in more places than ever before, all while paying less and getting access to your money faster.


Donation & Data Management

Secure and efficient donation and data management is the secret weapon of successful non-profits.

Our donation and data management tool allows you to both see the big picture, and to zoom in on individual donors or donations. The secure, cloud-based system limits access to your most sensitive data to authorized users, while also making sure you and your team can access the data wherever you happen to be in the world.

You can create custom reports to measure almost any variable you want. Create custom categories in your database to make sure you are capturing the data that I the most valuable to your organization. Track everything from mobile donations to matching donations.

The easy to use dashboard means that you are always just a couple clicks away from the data and analysis you need to stay on top of your campaigns.

Our donation and data management tool also integrates with a custom CRM so you can manage direct email campaigns directly from the app. You will always know how well any email campaign is performing.

With the use of our cutting-edge analytics you will have the tools you need to focus in on the largest donors, and to increase the amounts of your average donation.