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About I Fund A Hero

I Fund A Hero is a fundraising and crowdfunding technology company that works with non-profits, and disaster relief efforts focused on supporting everyday heroes in our communities.

I Fund A Hero is passionate about making fundraising faster, cheaper, and more efficient. Our products help remove the barriers between donors and non-profit organizations.I Fund A Hero makes it easier for you to do the work you are passionate about.

Everyday first responders gear-up and run straight into danger. These skilled, highly-trained professionals leave their families and the comfort of their safe homes to save lives and secure our community. They work hard each day completely focused on the communities they serve.

Sometimes, these heroes are called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice.

I Fund A Hero wants to make sure that the everyday heroes in every community knows how much we appreciate their efforts, and how much we honor their sacrifices.

That’s whyI Fund A Hero works with non-profits who are dedicated to supporting the families of first-responders and other everyday heroes in our communities.I Fund A Hero makes sure that these organizations have every advantage technology has to offer when it comes to crowdfunding campaigns and other fundraising activities.

I Fund A Hero provides tools such as Text-to-Donate [insert link to product page] that allow non-profits to raise badly needed funds quickly and to get their message out to a bigger audience.I Fund A Hero also works hard to make sure these non-profit fundraising efforts are more efficient so that more money can to funding the important work you do in the community.

Here at I Fund A Hero we strive to do our part by making sure that the families and loved ones of our first-responders are supported in their times of greatest need.


Our Mission

Our mission is to remove technological, logistical, and financial obstacles for non-profits who support the everyday heroes in our communities.

I Fund A Hero supports everyday local heroes, first-responders, disaster relief, and non-profit fundraising with cutting-edge crowdfunding and fundraising technologies.I Fund A Hero makes it easier for non-profits to raise money quickly, and our transparent pricing allows organizations to keep more of the money they raise.

Why Choose Us?

I Fund A Hero specializes in working with non-profits that support our everyday local heroes. Our transparent pricing means that keep more of the donations you raise and are never surprised by hidden or administrative fees. Our cutting-edge tools, like Text-To-Donate, help you connect with more potential donors and allow you to get access to the donations you raise faster so you can put the money back to work in the community.

You deserve to work with a partner as committed as you are to making sure that the families of first-responders and victims of natural disasters get the help they desperately need as quickly as possible.I Fund A Hero works with non-profits to reduce fundraising costs, increase the reach of your message, and decrease the time and cost of processing your donations.

I Fund A Hero understands that when it comes to non-profits serving first-responders, everything is personal.