Go Fund a Hero only accepts grant proposals submitted through its website. To submit a proposal you will need an email address and your organization’s IRS tax ID number. You also must be able to attach all required materials. This means that you must have the documents stored electronically and accessible to upload during the online proposal process.

If you are new to our application process, we strongly encourage you to read the entire page of requirements before opening your initial online grant application form.

The items below are required for all requests:
Narratives required in the proposal include (but not limited to)

  • Summarize the purpose of the request (maximum word count 100).
  • Organization purpose: please give us an overview on your organization; history, mission and goals; need or problem that you work to address; brief description of current projects/programs, activities and accomplishments; geographic area and target population you serve, please include the number of individuals served (maximum word count 225).
  • Project/Program details: please describe the project for which you seek funding; briefly describe the specific problem/need or opportunity in our community this request will address; population and geographic area you plan to serve and how they will benefit from the project, include the number of individuals this project will serve; summarize the activities or strategies that you will employ to implement the project; anticipated timetable of the project; how will you measure or evaluate the effectiveness of this project; what is your plan to sustain this project going forward (maximum word count 500).

Supplemental materials required in the proposal include (but not limited to):

  • The IRS 501(c) (3) tax-exempt determination letter. Using a “second party” 501(c) (3) status is not permitted.
  • The organization’s IRS form 990 or 990-EZ for the most recently completed fiscal year, 990/990 EZ returns older than 15 months from the date of application will be rejected.
  • Audited, reviewed, compiled or internally generated financial statements for the most recently complete fiscal year and the fiscal year immediately prior. Each financial statement must include a balance sheet (or equivalent), income statement (or equivalent), cash flow statement, appropriate footnotes and accountant’s reports. Financial statements covering periods older than 15 months and 27 months, respectively, from the application date will be rejected.
  • Annual operating budget for the current fiscal year with non-detailed, line items rolled up. 
  • Program / project budget for which you are requesting funding. 
  • A list of any funds raised to date and from whom, for the program/project for which you are requesting funding, if applicable.
  • A complete list of corporations and foundations that have given to the organization in the previous fiscal year and how much each has given ($5,000 and above).
  • A list of the Board of Directors of the organization, including primary business or professional affiliation of each.
We look forward to assisting our Partners with Grant Writing and Applying.
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