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My Story

1. Mission: The mission is to help rehabilitate disabled or non disabled veterans, mentally and physically through Mixed Martial Arts instruction and through cohesiveness.

2. My Storyon 12Nov2014, I  was awarded 100% disabled by the Veterans Administration

I make travel from Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, Houston and even as far as Dallas to help andd guide other veterans who would also like to participate in Project MMA.

I just want to help my brothers relieve stress (along w myself PTSD) so that way I too can help minimize veteran suicide

Any help would suffice

all donation money will be allotted to making Project MMA a 501c3, travel, lodging, gas, eating after training, movies, local fight shows entry, for gear if the gear donated is not to the size of the veteran be it male or female, and other at leisure expenses so as long as the vet feels or deems necessary 

I make no profit or money off of this, this is solely for the veteran by a veteran

I can’t do it alone and i need help. I recently gained a tax ID number and now I’m looking for help getting Project MMA as a non profit organization tax ID number is 83-0814356.

Thank you and appreciate all your support.


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  • Michael Goss


    40 years old, combat veteran, disabled (PTSD/TBI)



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