A Mom's perspective on her child(ren)'s fight with cancer

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My Story

It all began in 2007 when our 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer, Hodgkin's Lymphoma. We had so many ups and downs but we united as a family and grew strong from this experience and had so many wonderful memories. I would like to share with the world how one family can take this terrible experience and make it into memories that they will never forget. As I take you on my own personal journey you will feel all my ups and downs along with the emotional roller coaster my family has experienced. 

    As most of you know at the 5 year mark if you have remained cancer free you have a great chance of living a nice long happy life. It was then at that very point just 4 months prior to our daughters 5 year check up we found out that our 2nd child, our son age 13 was diagnosed with brain cancer.

    I remember very clearly the day our daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and the doctors told us she had the best cancer. I thought how can you dare tell me my daughter has cancer and it is the best kind. Well being on the other end of the rainbow when a doctor tell you that your son has brain cancer and 2 brain tumors at that, this is when you realize why Hodgkin's Lymphoma is the best cancer and what that doctor was telling me, now my son has to battle the worst cancer... I finally understood.

    The video in this this project is just a sampling of one thing that was done to celebrate Nate's final radiation treatment. As you can see all of the doctors and nurses came out to give Nate a farewell wave as he got into our dear friend Ned's show car for a special trip to his favorite restaurant "Steak and Shake". My book is full of joyous milestone celebrations. I can not wait to share them with you. Since the month of May is Brain Tumor Awareness month it is perfect to launch now.

  I have always wanted to write a book to help moms and dads understand that though this is a terrible time in life. You must find the positive and focus on healing. Not just focus on the disease and its crippling treatments. With the grace of God and all the wonderful loving family and friends we have. We were able to created so many wonderful memories and we continue to fight and grow to this day. My children are such an inspiration to others in our community as well as other children fighting the same battle. I want to share our/their stories. I want to show the world how to live with cancer and not let cancer dictate the way you live.

    By pledging to this project you would be helping me start the beginning of many additional projects that will help the ones who are really affected. The families, the mom's and the dad's and most of all the sweet innocent children who are caught in the battle of their lives. We would also like to have a line of kids books helping children understand what they will experience so they are not alone as they go through radiation and chemo therapy. Thank you so much for your help and trust, please share this project and help me reach and exceed my goal.

Risks and challenges

Risks are if I get the book complete and it takes longer to get it published than anticipated or if my son gets sick and I have to tend to him until I can return to the book. I do have many journals to refer to so it is mostly a matter of assembling the materials into a book format with the assistance of a publisher.

Challenges are that I have to work full time and take care of my family while writing the book, if funding is above what is requested I may be able to focus on the book and work part time for a small amount of time to complete before the deadline. This really is not a challenge because I have managed to always work even as both children were sick because I have a wonderful support team around me. Since they know this is a goal near and dear to my heart this should be easily accomplished in the time window requested.


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